Etramo Beam Lifter Hire 600kg WLL

Available for Immediate Hire. Best Hire Price Guaranteed.

£50 per Week (Del, Coll charges apply)

Suitable for lifting and fitting heavy loads such as steel beams, capable of lifting 600kg to a height of 3m



600kg Beam Lifter Hire 

The Etramo Beam Lifter is a compact detachable elevator on wheels suitable for lifting and fitting heavy loads such as steel beams.

SPECIFICATIONEtramo Beam Lifter (600kgs up to 3m)
Lifting Height (cm)110 to 300
Platform (cm)4.98mEtramo Beam Lifter Hire 600kg up to 3m36 x 22 x 11
Weight (kgs)70
Stowed Dimensions (cm)157 x 78 x 164
  • Lifting capacity 600 kg with max height 3m
  • High precision by using screw thread adjustment
  • Folds down to only 28 inch high allowing access to the most narrow doors
  • Will fit in to the back of the most estate cars
  • Easy to build up & operate
  • No cables or guides
  • Stack-able up to five high saving valuable storage space
  • Equipped with a rotation platform and crane hook to lift loads from the ground

Additional information




600kgs up to 3m

Lifting Height (mm)

110 to 300cm



Stowed Dimensions (cm)

157 x 78 x 164


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