Certified Used Genie Lifts for Sale

Genie GL8  – 181 kgs. Price from £500
Genie SLA10 – Price from £925
Genie SLA15  – 363 kgs to a height of 4.98m. Price from £1000
Genie SLA25  – 295 kgs up to a height of 8m. Price from £1250


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Buy used Genie Lifts

Genie Lift GL8 is an excellent portable Stacker for lifting heavy loads onto shelves up to 3m or installing HVAC and other components.

Genie SLA15 Materials Lift is the best selling most versatile machine in the Genie Materials Lift range, it can lift 363kgs to a height of 4.98m.

Genie SLA25 Materials Lift are manually operated with the highest lift in the Genie Range of up to almost 8m with a capacity of 295 kgs

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